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Woman Seeking Advice for Dealing with an Alcoholic

I’m lost. I married a man who is an alcoholic. I’m struggling financially because I can’t find gainful employment. He’s sober and resentful and has led me to hiding food. I binge and sleep. I’m so exhausted and overwhelmed and feeling gross. How do I put myself back together?

2 thoughts on “Woman Seeking Advice for Dealing with an Alcoholic”

  1. Been there, done that. Have you tried Al-Anon? That could be a valuable resource for you. It’s been my experience that the men and women in that fellowship have been able to help myself, and many others, overcome similar struggles. Best wishes to you <3

  2. I think the most difficult steps you have to take are first: admitting that the relationship was abusive and unhealthy and second: understanding that you’re hurting and you need help dealing with those feelings. It’s hard to reconcile the fact that someone you loved had behaviors and actions that hurt you. It’s even harder to reach out for help knowing that you will have to expose what you perceive to be a weakness to someone else. You can’t undo the past and what happened, but you CAN reach out in order to strengthen yourself and make your future be one that feels safe and strong.

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