Drug addiction almost cost Josh Eppard everything: his career… his fame… and even his life.

14 years clean, Josh is ready to spread awareness about addiction and a message of hope for recovery.

I'm Josh Eppard

Here's my cautionary tale and message of hope on addiction & recovery.

Josh Eppard
Josh Eppard on drum set

Listen to My Story.

At an early age I was living a rock and roll life that others only dream of. By the time I was 20, I had a half a dozen years in the music business, and my band, Coheed and Cambria, was catching fire with a young audience.

Despite this trajectory, I didn’t realize that I was about to lose it all… success, money, reputation and most of my friends.  In addition to everything else I had discovered at a young age, I also discovered drugs.  In a short period of time, I went from a successful young rock star, to a homeless addict, sleeping on couches and doing anything to secure my next fix.

A recovering addict, almost 15 years clean, I’ve finally turned my life around, returned to the band that I love, and making music that brings people joy.  I am so grateful to the people and circumstances that made my recovery possible.  

With the drug addiction in the rear view mirror, I’m ready to share my story of addiction and recovery. It’s not an easy story to tell.  It’s difficult, complicated and even painful, but my story holds insights, clues and lessons that others can use in their lives.  Whether you are an addict, friend/family member of an addict, or you treat/counsel addicts, I have a story that might help you along your journey.

There’s something in it for everyone.

Young audiences...

will hear a cautionary tale about drugs/addiction.

Those in the grips of addiction...

will hear a message of hope, perseverance and recovery.

Medical and counseling professionals...

will get an insight into the mind and actions of an addict.

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