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Teenage Alcoholism Leaves Positive Legacy

My husband is over 10 years sober. We met as teenagers, and he became an alcoholic by age 16. When he stopped drinking, he said one of the hardest things was the isolation that came from his so-called “partner” and friends. I see it to this day. Friends say, “it’s just one drink” or “I’m sure you’d be able to control yourself now.” He’s always so polite when he declines the offers, and they just don’t know how hurtful that is, the energy it took, and takes still. Those questions make him want to waver. He wants to have fun in the social gatherings too, and so often people make that a focal point of a gathering. The everyday battle with sobriety, even after so long, can seem so mild but I could only hope to have his will power if I were in that same position. I love that our now teenage kiddos are uninterested in drinking. I think our openness in talking about addiction is why.

2 thoughts on “Teenage Alcoholism Leaves Positive Legacy”

  1. The resolve your husband continues to show is so inspirational. What an incredible role model for your children and even their friends! They see your husband’s strength every day.

  2. This is such a good point to bring up, being sober at parties can be so isolating and I’m glad your husband has someone as loyal as you to support him in his recovery!

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