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“Running from Myself” with Alcohol

Where the fuck do I begin… I grew up in Southern Ohio ,and live in Michigan now. For 20 years I was an alcoholic and sometimes didn’t even realize it. I grew up pretty well… no real issues there. I think at some point I started to kind of want to escape. I remember at a young age, thinking when someone made fun of me or when I felt any emotion I didn’t want to feel, I would run from it.

When I was 16 or so I discovered alcohol. I remember it was like the equivalent of someone making this great discovery. I had found something that made me feel better, when I felt bad. I’m quick to remember certain lyrics about this. I spent the next 20 something years running from myself. Skip to 2021… I went to rehab and got clean off alcohol for the first time in 20 years. Everything was supposed to be amazing. My girlfriend and I were going to buy a house and be a family with her kids from a previous marriage. Long story short we broke up, I got covid, and a few months later I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The past few years has been an absolute nightmare. I am reminded of the phrase ” I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.” That phrase doesn’t even cut it. I spend my days just trying to get by. I will be on the SS Neverender in October 2023 and can’t wait! Much love and hope.

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  1. Ryan -DSC Street Team

    First, I would like to say I appreciate you taking the time and courage to share your story. I know that’s not always easy.
    Sometimes we get dealt shitty hands and we don’t really know how to cope with things. Thank you for sharing with us here at DSC.

    Also. See you on the cruise!

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