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Party Girl Wakes up

So, I started drinking in high school at 16 because… duh. I definitely came to identify as the party girl and made it my entire personality. Over the next 20 years got three DUIs and spent several months cumulatively in county jail. I also lost my college scholarship, countless jobs, and 5 front teeth. I don’t remember when it happened, but at some point, there became no such thing as drinking without cocaine. I tried to get sober once and managed to go almost four months. Then I met a guy, and you know… supposedly sober girls are no fun. He ended up throwing me down a flight of stairs and that, thank fucking God, was my wake up call. I moved home, quit bartending, went back to school, and me this super nerdy guy with red hair who barely drank but still managed to have so much fun. Fast forward to today, I’ve got a sober girl group chat that keeps me straight, and a fiancé, who happens to be a huge Coheed and Cambria fan. He took me to the Atlanta show, and it was the first time I ever danced sober.  


 I’ve got over 500 days sober now.

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  1. Ashley (Nixie)

    What an inspiring story. Thank you for sharing about your struggles. I am happy to hear about the positive things you have going. Keep dancing girl <3

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