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Parallels of Perils

Hey Josh. So glad I stumbled upon this!!!
I hate to be “that person” that says I’m one of your OG fans, but I am, so why not say it? Saw you for the first time in 2002 in a little coffee shop, called the Equator, on Main St in Manchester, CT, and my life was forever changed. So being that Coheed is my favorite band, and you my favorite band mate—it’s only fitting that that we have super similar stories, and almost the same timeline. I’m also 15 years (on the other side)—was on methadone for about the first 7 of those years. I resonate so much w your story and being that you’re so tangible on social media for us fans—whether it’s through Heaven’s fence or this—it makes me feel like you give a fuck and like you’re a real person.

My husband and I went through active addiction together, and got clean together, which is no easy feat. I also came to the table with a daughter from a previous relationship. She was about 4/5 years old when we transitioned from Percs to heroin. (Also—can I just say how HAPPY I am, and how LUCKY we are that we got out of the game before the fentanyl bullshit?! I would not want to be using this day in age.)
We graduated from snorting it, to then shooting it. I came home from picking up one day with a used needle (Yuck) and said to my husband, “this is how I do it now” after having literally one “lesson” from someone who had just shot themselves up, and it made me jealous. (Can you Imagine!?!?) My lord! It took him a few days, and then he had me show him. That’s a big part of my guilt. It’s “game over” at that point. We went from picking up a bundle every other day, or even two days, to EVERY SINGLE DAY. Rain or shine. Snowstorm. Didn’t matter—unregistered/uninsured vehicle, driving on a literally closed I-84 to Hartford. 

Anyway. We have been through hell and back together. Have two amazing kids! The oldest (now 19) does know our story. The 11 year old will, in time. It’s rare that a couple can survive that kind of fight together and stay together.

I guess my question for you is (and totally understandable if you can’t/don’t want to share) — Where do Tamara and Maggie come into your story?

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story and being so candid about addiction! I love your writing voice, it’s very refreshing. I’m so glad you and your partner are clean, not only for your kids’ sake but for yours as well. That’s such a hard thing to pull yourself out of, especially based on how you explain it, and I’m proud of you!

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