Other Stories of Addiction/Recovery

“Normal” people get Addicted

I had a good upbringing and found a healthy passion that defined me: music. I never had a gaping hole in my heart. I am generally an optimist.
I did have a big brother with friends that loved partying. I did have an alcoholic grandpa. I did get introduced to opioids and I did immediately feel that they were my drug of choice. (I mean they’ve been around for millennia so we can only blame this recent epidemic to a degree, but it certainly didn’t help.)

I guess I’ve said all this is to say that nothing has to be glaringly wrong with a person to become habituated to the point of addiction. Then, at that point, there is something very wrong happening. It’s extremely hard to get back to where you were before, if not impossible.
So… NOT EVEN ONCE! Don’t even curiously dip your toe into the water of hard drugs, because you could be the one – the candidate- for habituation to become addiction. It can happen. 



Josh Eppard Responds: “Normal People Get Addicted Too”

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