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Journey from Addiction to Teaching: A success Story

I was a heroin addict for almost 20 years. I told my parents when I was 19 I was addicted to heroin because I wanted to be clean so bad. I tried everything. Countless rehabs, detox’s, 302’s, jails and state prisons! I tried… GOD. I tried moving, EVERYTHING!!! Nothing worked. Until I was 33.

Then I had my son (RB) and have been clean ever since. I’m 41 now and I am so happy to be clean and sober for me and my son. When my son was two, he was diagnosed with autism, and I think that’s what also kept me focused and clean. I now teach autistic kids and love my job!! I used to shoot dope with friends with nervous breakdowns and now we’re clean together and I am sooooo fuking proud of you, Josh. Thanks for all the love and support!!! Love you bro!!!!

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  1. I am so glad you didn’t give up! I also tried and tried and tried from my teenage years until finally at 36 I had that morning I hear other people in recovery have. The “I’m done” morning, and it stuck. And LOOK AT YOU NOW <3 That's one hell of a story. Thank you for sharing.

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