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Hard Lessons from Siblings

This is about how the people in my family using, has affected my life. I always knew that my sister and my brother were whacked out of their minds by the time I was 6 years old. My brother would knock on my window at any hour of the night because my mom had locked the door and he lost his keys. He would steal my lunch money out of my backpack, and I would get in trouble for losing it, not knowing where it had gone. My sister would do the same, knocking on the window to wake me up to let her in, asking me for the $20 mom gave me for lunch that day, saying it was for gas or what have you. My sister would be gone for days and just show back up, completely gone out of her brain on Xanax, and sleep for 2 or 3 days.

That was when we all lived together. My brother was never really in my life because he was always in jail for selling or possession of this or that, so I don’t really have a relationship with him. He stole my car one time, because I didn’t want to take him to his “friend’s” house. I reported the car stolen and the police had pulled him over shortly afterwards. When we went to get my car, he was sitting in the curb denying the crack pipe in the door was his. I looked him dead in the eyes and asked him again, and he still lied to me.

Growing up, all I’ve ever heard from my siblings were lies, as they tried to con me for money. My brother is in jail to this day for doing what he does on the streets and I don’t think I will ever know him. But all of these experiences has taught me to stay away from the hard drugs and the crowd they come with, because it truly ruins your life. I’m 27 now and have a life of my own because of the valuable lessons they taught me, even if it means I don’t get to ever see these people.

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