Other Stories of Addiction/Recovery

Deciding Between Family and Friend

This is a story with hopes of inspiration for those struggling with an addict. I lost my best friend to opiate addiction 3 months ago. It was such a long time in the making, but because of his addiction, I made a very tough decision – to distance myself. I had a newborn daughter at the time and his first visit to see her was riddled with withdrawal (he had stopped to respect my wishes – he knew I hate to see him high). That day, watching him suffer on my couch, I decided I couldn’t have my daughter in such an environment. I continued my friendship from a distance. Mainly via text, social media, etc… over 5+ years. We still spoke every day and every day was a lie about his progress to recovery. He went to rehab three times, but relapsed every time as he progressively got worse.

About a month before his passing I saw him in person – it had been about 6 months since I had seen him last. He looked amazing! He had meat on his bones, had a girlfriend that was whipping him into shape, and had landed a stable job. The friendship was back on!! Until I received one of the most gut-wrenching calls of my life, he had OD’d overnight and the Narcan came too late.

This is a story that I hope inspires someone who’s ready to “give up” and changes their mind. I am filled with so much regret! I know I made a decision for my family that I am still fairly confident in, however, the heartbreak is immense! I wish I didn’t give up. I wish I tried harder. I wish… I wish… I wish!!! Don’t become like me and wish you did something different. If the story ends sadly, be the person that can walk away saying “I tried absolutely everything I could try” instead of regretting you didn’t.

Thanks for this platform, Josh. LGM!

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